Cancellation Policy | Terms & Condition | Suggestion & Remarks

Cancellation Policy:- In the event of cancellation of tour/travel services due to any avoidable/unavoidable reason/s, we must be notified of the same in writing by the client. Cancellation charges will be effective from the date we receive advice in writing, and cancellation charges would be as follows:

  1. 35% cancellation charges of the Package Cost at the time of booking/ advance payment, (65% Package cost will be refundable, after getting the full payment from the client, if we have received your booking before 31st March 23).
  2. 50% cancellation charges of the Package cost after issuing your confirmation & e-vouchers (50% Package cost will be refundable, after getting the full payment from the client, if we have received your booking before 31st March 23)
  3. 90 days prior to Yatra Starting Date: 100% cancellation charges of the Package Cost without any refund provided you have received any booking confirmation / e vouchers Or Not. Package will be in 100% non-refundable conditions if the clients cancel their booking 90 days from the starting dates of the Amarnath Yatra.
  4. Note: Written cancellation will accept on all working days, except Sunday & other National Holidays, Any cancellation sent on Sunday's Or National Holidays will be considered on the next working day.

General Terms & Conditions:-

  1. M/S Yatharth Travels is a individual travel agency, We provide the complete Amarnath Yatra Helicopter Packages. We are not authorized to sell just helicopter tickets.
  2. We have calculated helicopter tickets via Neelgarth @ Rs. 5,600 /- Per Person Via Pahalgam @ Rs. 8,400/- Per Person & Katra Vaishnodevi Tickets @ Rs. 3,660/- in our packages. If there is any Hike in the fares by the relative authorities then the same has to be bear by the clients. The client cannot deny making the difference in the fare if any.
  3. M/S Yatharth Travels will not be held responsible for any mishap/accident/injury/death/ Natural disaster, rites, curfew, landslide, terrorism during the course of the tour.
  4. Note:-In the event of breaking down of any sort of viral/bacterial epidemic & subsequent regulatory bans on Amarnath Yatra due to such epidemic, we shall not be held responsible for such cancellations, In this case, nominal cancellation charges @ 50% of the total package cost shall be applicable, Rest 50% Package cost will be refunded, if the ban circular/notification is published 45 days prior to the date of commencement of tour (After getting your full payment). ** if ban circular/notification is published under 45 days to the date of commencement of tour, in this stage company can provide a win – win option for both parties mutual benefits: i.e. reschedule your current year’s booking for Next Year, after deduction a nominal services charges.
  5. Force Majeure or Acts of God:- During any Package period, unforeseen events can take place, these events may include but may not be limited to the following terrorism, civil unrest, rioting, war, natural disaster, typhoons, floods, landslide, political crisis, curfew. These acts among others are referred to in the travel industry as FORCE MAJEURE, a French term meaning “Unforeseeable Circumstances that prevent someone from fulfilling a contract. “No Cancellation or any refund” will be made at any cost in case of bad weather, land-slide, any other natural disaster, political/national crisis, curfew, terrorism etc due to which the customer could not reach the destination/ airport/ railway station/ bus stand, which is beyond the control of the Agent/Hotel. It will be entirely at the risk and cost of the customer. All customers have to manage their stay, transport, Air, train & Bus fares and any further expenses at their own cost.
  6. Determined by the company, Cancellation Policy & terms & condition will be applicable in the event of terrorist acts, civil unrest, rioting, war, natural disaster, typhoons, floods, landslide, political crisis, curfew, any viral pandemic condition, for any political reason etc.
  7. M/s Yatharth Travels can assist you in booking your Flight Tickets or Can book it for you against your request. The changes in the schedule of flights are totally dependent on the Aviation service( Airlines). For any Cancellation/ Rescheduling The client has to Contact directly to the airlines. Our Company executive will not be able to help you in such a process.
  8. Once the client makes his/her booking with Full/Advance Payment, He/She/they agree to all the terms and conditions of the company. Denial of which will lead to a 100% cancellation as per the policy. In case of booking cancellation, Only Yatharth Travel’s cancellation policy will be applicable
  9. The Amarnath Yatra Package, once booked by the client is totally under cancellation as per the company’s policy.
  10. Price excludes airfares, train fares, bus fares personal expenses like laundry, telephone, tips, Mineral Water bottles, room services, ponies, palkies charges, Cable Car ride, monuments charges, personal expenses, tips etc.
  11. Meals in the Package can only be availed in the provided hotels, Mostly vegetarian meals will be severed during Amarnath Ji Yatra.
  12. Meals while travelling is not included in the package and shall be paid by the customer on their own.
  13. Entrance fees, if any, at any point shall be paid by customers.
  14. Hotels, Helicopter tickets, Transport are subject to availability at the time of reservation. Please check the availability of Helicopter Seats & Hotels on your Yatra Date with your tour executive before booking your flight tickets. If you have booked your flight tickets without confirming the availability of the Yatra Date with your tour executive, and the Hotels, Helicopter Tickets on your travel dates are not available on the same Yatra date, then it will be completely your own risk and responsibility
  15. Rates are subject to change (without prior notice) in case of a major fuel hike or hike in Government taxes, hotel charges, etc.
  16. Cancellation & other policies as per the Hotel, Helicopters & Yatharth Travels policy.
  17. Who has made the booking(who is in conversation with our executive) he/ she is only the authorized person on behalf of the whole group to contact the company and its officials regarding any issue in booking, payment update, any amendment in booking and etc. any other person of the group will not be entertained by any of the officials. As it is impossible to communicate with more than one person of the group and it will lead to confusions in your booking
  18. The registered email id & contact no. mentioned at the time of booking is unchangeable and will not be edited at any point in the booking process. All the important communication with the company can only be done through that email id/contact no.
  19. Due to bad weather or technical reason if the scheduled flight is cancelled / delay, Sonmarg / Srinagar hotel/houseboat stay will consider No-Show for that day without any refund {In case the client is not able to reach their pre-booked hotel/ destination}. The next day’s accommodation has to be taken care of by the guest directly, transportation would be charged Rs. 4000 -5000 (For Small Car) & Rs. 6000-7000 for Tata Winter extra per day by driver {*in 02 Nights Package only}.
  20. In case of cancellation of the scheduled flight due to bad weather/Force Majeure/technical reasons, advance booked passengers could get the priority next day Or aviation service can cancel the tickets and put the cancellation refund stamp on your tickets {the entire decision will be as per the aviation management, current situations and previous rush-No travel agent can interfere on their decision}.
  21. We can just book the Helicopter tickets for our client. Helicopter operator reserves to itself the right, without assigning any reason, to cancel or delay the commencement. If flights get delays Or cancelled it will be totally aviation services decision. We will be not responsible for any inconvenience caused.
  22. Helicopter operator reserves to itself the right, without assigning any reason, to cancel or delay the commencement or continuance of the flight or to change the landing place or to deviate from the route of the journey thereby incurring any liability in damages or otherwise to the passengers or any other person on any ground whatsoever. Helicopter operator also reserves the right to cancel or delay its flight under circumstances beyond its control, for example, bad weather conditions, technical defects and government regulations/orders/requirements etc.
  23. Helicopter tickets once booked:- It’s not cancellable, amendable or reschedule-able. In case of bad weather, technical fault Or any other reason, if your Helicopter boarding/ journey could not completed or Helicopter service people provide you one sided boarding. In all these conditions Yatries have to put the compulsory cancellation stamp in their Helicopter Tickets accordingly, without stamped Helicopter tickets, refund request will be non acceptable.
  24. Yatries are highly advised to send the refund request e mails to Shrine Board directly, we will also try to our level best to get your refund. Whenever Shrine board will provide you the refund details i.e. Tickets No. - Transaction ID - Refund Amount - Refund Date - Card No. / bank Ac details etc in which they have refunded the payment, you just have to forward the same e mail copies to us so that there is transparency in the refund process. Whenever we get the same refund with these required details, refund shall be forward to the passengers, it could take min. 25-30 days time for refund.
  25. Passengers are requested to send them (Shrine Board) refund request along with the stamped & cancelled copies of Helicopter tickets within the time limit and follow-up with them regularly by e mails for speedily refund. In case of the delay process from your end, the refund request will not be considered. Company will start procedures of refunds after 60 - 70 days of the scheduled Amarnath Yatra. In case of any kind of delay in refund / Non Payment by the Shrine Board, our company will not be liable for the same. To claim the refund, shrine board would require the original Cancelled Tickets copies with stamp and sign {from Neelgarth/ Pahalgam Helipad and in Karta at Niharika Bhawan}. You have to put the compulsory cancellation stamp & sign in your helicopter tickets. No refund request will be accepted if tickets are submitted without Stamping.
  26. 26. Passenger have to send the original stamped cancelled tickets copies along with the bank details with IFSC Code / UPI No. for our records to avail the Helicopter actual tickets cost refund. Once we get the refund from Shrine Board, will forward the same to the passengers.
  27. Please note: If for some reason, the government has postponed/cancelled the Amarnathji Yatra Or In the event of breaking down of any sort of viral/bacterial epidemic & subsequent regulatory bans on tour/Yatra due to such epidemic, we shall not be held responsible for such postponement & cancellations. Maximum, the company will be able to provide you with some relief as:-
    1. 50% cancellation amount of the total package cost will be applicable if yatra goes cancel due to above-mentioned reasons before 45 days of the Starting date of the Yatra, Rest 50% Package cost will be refunded.
    2. If Yatra gets postponed/cancel under 45 days of the Staring date of Yatra, in this stage company can provide a win – win option for both parties mutual benefits: i.e. reschedule your current year’s booking for Next Year, after deduction a nominal services charges.
  28. Please Note: If due to any reason Amarnath Yatra is not conducted in the year 2023 Or suspended due to any unexpected reasons, but Kashmir destination is open for tourist, in that case, the clients will compulsory have to avail their land arrangements as per their pre-booked Package i.e. Hotel + Transporter Services + sightseeing etc. The company will refund the actual cost of your helicopter tickets (as per actual refunded by the aviation services / shrine board) at that stage. (If your full payment has been received by the company) In case of disagreement, the cancellation policy as decided by the Company will be applicable.
  29. If any refund is accepted by the company in writing, it will be done within 60-70 days after the completion of Amarnath Yatra.
  30. Yatharth Travels shall not be responsible for no-show of passenger(s) at next destination due to cancellation of helicopter services due to backload, delay boarding, technical reasons & also shall not be responsible if passenger(s) gets stuck at Holy Cave, Panchtarani etc and do not turn up at the next destination.
  31. No refund shall be made for all on the spot paid arrangements i.e. hotel/ camps, transport and other arrangements booked by the customer direclty due to the reasons above mentioned in the preceding paragraph
  32. Yatharth Travels can book helicopter tickets for passenger(s). All land & boarding arrangement parts have to be done by Aviation services only.
  33. Yatris travelling by helicopter to Panjtarni shall not be required to secure Yatra Permits but such Yatris will be required to produce Compulsory Health Certificates, duly issued by Authorised Doctors/ Institutes at the time of boarding the helicopter at Neelgrath/ Pahalgam. No Yatri shall be allowed to board the helicopter without first submitting the CHC {Compulsory Medical Certificate}.
  34. At the time of booking, for your Helicopter Tickets booking, company will require the aadhar card copies along with the CHC form copy.
  35. From year 2022: RFID card for yatries is mandatory, Yatri can prepare the same at Srinagar airport (to save their time) Or they can prepare the same at Neelgarth / Pahalgam Helipad also.
  36. Children below 13 years in age, elderly persons above the age of 70 years and Ladies who are more than 6 weeks pregnant shall not be permitted to undertake the pilgrimage. The age limit is as per the Shri Amaranth Shrine Board instruction, they have the authority to change it at any point in time. Travel Agent will not responsible for it.
  37. Passengers are requested to report at the departure helipad one hour before the notified departure time of the flight or at Reporting Time mentioned in the PTD (Ticket). Passengers reporting beyond these timings shall be treated as “NO SHOW” passengers {without any refund} and the Operator reserves the right to allot the seat to other passengers. For Panjtarni to Neelgrath sector, passengers will be boarded on a First Come First Serve Basis subject to availability of seats. In case of bad weather or any technical reason if the flight is cancelled at Amarnath Or Vaishnodevi Sector then the cost of the actual ticket will be refunded from helicopter services. Transaction charges & taxes will not be refunded.
  38. Helicopter Tickets can be of any Aviation Services Or mixed and any Timing which will be available. It could be either of Arrow-Krystal-Thumbi & Global Vectra aviation Or mixed from Neelgarth & From Pahalgam side tickets will be of Heritage Aviation service. Vaishnodevi: Himalayan Heli services or Global Vectra or mixed from Katra – Sanjhichat – Katra. The estimated timings of Helicopter Tickets are between 06:30 AM till 12:00 Noon {for Same Day Package in Vaishnodevi} & In Next Day Package tickets timing will be after 01:30 PM onwards. If the helicopter ride will be near to Cave (in Amarnath), Helicopter boarding timing from Neelgarth may be changed according to aviation service.
  39. Every passenger has to carry print outs of the hotel/ Houseboat / Transport vouchers during the travel. Without Vouchers Check Inn at Hotel / Houseboat / Camps will not be granted.
  40. Compulsory Photo identity proof has to be produced on Check-in (Aadhar Card, Passport, Voter Id, Pan Card, driving licensee and any other govt. approved ID etc.)
  41. No replacement in accommodation is allowed during the stay. If the guest(s)/passenger(s) get(s) stuck at Sonamarg / Panchtarani and want(s) their stay at Sonmarg only instead of Srinagar for the same day, they have to make their own arrangements at their own cost only. Srinagar stay will consider No-Show without any refund. On the spot changes/amendments are not possible during the trip.
  42. Amarnath Yatra package cannot be rescheduled for any other destination.
  43. If passenger(s) keep their vehicle for the entire tour and could not visit any sightseeing, destination due to any reason, no refund of transportation will be allotted. Only Airport dropping shall be provided on the last day between 9 AM – 12 PM from Srinagar.
  44. No cancellation/refund request will be acceptable if the Shivling goes melted early before your Yatra date Or If the Yatra is temporarily stopped / suspended by shrine board / government due to bad weather, land sliding or any other reasons and clients want to cancel his/ her package for these reason. The company will apply the cancellations policy.
  45. No package cancellation/refund request will be acceptable due to any reason if air/train/ bus tickets get cancelled by the airlines/railway / Bus operator. The cancellation policy will be applicable.
  46. If the guest(s)/passenger(s) fails to reach pre-booked hotel/ destination due to reasons beyond our control viz. rail, flight, helicopters delays, roadblocks, vehicle mal-functions, political disturbances, strikes, terrorism, curfew etc, they have to manage all expenses for their same-day stay at their own. In case of cancellation, our cancellation policy will be applicable
  47. No amendment in Hotels/ Houseboat/Camps/ Transport & Helicopter Tickets Once the bookings are done.
  48. If any customer had any dispute of any kind, please get it resolved with your Tour Executive in between your tour, or Max. within 02-03 months from the end of your tour. Thereafter, the Company shall be unable to provide any solution on this subject.
  49. If clients face any kind of inconvenience during their travel, please do get it resolved by your Tour Executive at the same time. Such complaints will not be entertained after the end of the journey.
  50. The Company shall be able to resolve any dispute within 03 months from the end of the journey. After this, we will not be able to find any kind of solution on this subject. The company is not able to save the booking details for more than 03 months period with them.
  51. Disputes, if any shall be subject to Jurisdiction of Delhi only.


  1. All Tour Package & booking related correspondence to be made by written only.
  2. Guests need to send their request for booking of Amarnath Package by either e mail Or Whatsapp (in written), No Verbal communication will be acceptable.
  3. No Verbal & Telephonic communication to be considered, if any dispute occurs, only written communication will be valid.
  4. Booking is to be confirmed only after getting advance payment of the total package cost.
  5. Rest of the payment to be cleared as per the payment policy.
  6. All Payment has to be deposited in Company’s Current Bank Accounts Or Company’s UPI No. only (mentioned above in our Bank Account details).
  7. All yatries have to provide us their aadhar card copies & CHC form at the time of booking. Also have to provide us the naming list with the self declaration as mentioned below.
  8. All booking confirmations/ E vouchers & Helicopter Tickets will be provided you by the company’s official e mail ID or through WhatsApp. Yatries can reconfirm their booking with hotels for their satisfaction.
  9. In case of the cancellation of the package, our cancellation policy will be applicable.
  10. No amendment in Hotels/ Houseboat/Camps/ Transport & Helicopter Tickets Once the booking is done.
  11. Refund, if any, approved by the Company, will be made only after the completion of the Tour Package, it may take min. 60-70 Days.
  12. For NRI Clients: Aadhar Card is mandatory for Helicopter Tickets Booking, We need at least 01 Aadhar Card copy / No. out of 06 people group.

Suggestions & Important Remarks Regarding your Booking:-

  1. Yatries are highly advised to prepare their “Yatra Registration” (Off line or Online whatever is possible) also, even after making your Helicopter Package booking.The Company will make 100% efforts to get your confirmed Helicopter Tickets, however, if at any stage the Company is unable to provide you with the availability of Helicopter Tickets in any circumstances, you may continue your Yatra for the Trekking Route via Baltal/ Chandanwari by your Registration. In this case:
    1. the company will provide you full refund of the helicopter tickets (after receiving your full payment) so that you can avail your land arrangements i.e. Hotels & transport pre-booked services. The company will also provide you proper guidance of the Yatra registration process. Apart of this
    2. if clients wants the full refund of their package (In case of non delivery of Helicopter Tickets by us), company is ready to refund your full payment without any deduction of charges.
  2. Suggestion if a guest is taking 02 Nights / 03 Days Package: If he/her/their opt (s) for 03 days package - which is not advisable by us, he/she/they should book his/her/their return flight on 04th Day by evening timing instead of day 03rd. The hotel booking of 03rd night & the airport drop of 04th day will be at the client's own cost. In case the passenger (s) book (s) his/her/their return flight on day 03rd and if due to any reason, his/her/their return flight becomes NO SHOW, it’s the entirely on the risk and cost of the passenger (s). No Refund request shall be considered for any flight delay/cancellation/ No-Show case.
  3. All Guests who are taking Same Day Return helicopter packages – They all are highly requested to please book your first 02 Nights stay at Sonamarg and 01 Night stay at Srinagar. This 04 days package is highly recommended by Yatharth Travels. In which, if you want you can keep your 02nd Night stay open/ self also Or can book all nights from us.
  4. We are highly recommending the passenger (s) to take a minimum of 03 Nights & 04 Days Package for Amarnath Yatra. If the weather is found not favorable or passenger (s) stuck at Panchtarani, in this case, the passenger (s) shall be able to catch his/her/their return flight from Srinagar to his/her/their onward journey.
  5. Whoever the client:- Heart disease, asthma, sugar, BP. etc is suffering from any type of disease, those people should consult their doctor before booking them. Once you book your Amarnath Package, if you cancel the booking due to any reason or due to medical reasons, in this case, the cancellation policy will be applied.
  6. For Same Day Return Packages: Kindly book your flight to Srinagar by morning or by afternoon (Latest before 2:00 PM). Yatries who are reaching Srinagar airport by evening flight –After 02:00 - 03:00 PM & onwards they should stay 01st Night stay at Srinagar only instead of Sonmarg / Pahalgam coz by the late evening due to security reason ARMY people will not be allowed to proceed for Sonmarg/ Pahalgam. If due to security reasons you will be unable to reach your pre-booked hotel/ destination in this case it will be treated as No – Show without and refund (Last moment cancellation/ amendment will not be acceptable). Kindly book your departure flight only in late evening from Srinagar so that you can easily reach Srinagar airport without any delays to catch your flight. Therefore, before booking your Same Day Return Package, check your flight timing so that you do not face any kind of inconvenience.
  7. Amarnath & Vaishnodevi Yatra Package Or People who are arriving Srinagar By Road,
    Please Note: Yatri who are taking Shri Amarnath Yatra with Mata Vaishnodevi darshan Or people who are planning to arrive at Srinagar By Road- They all should book their flight tickets from Srinagar – Jammu / Jammu - Srinagar. They all should avoid Srinagar – Katra / Jammu – Srinagar by road travel during Yatra season. As Amarnath Yatra Mainly begins in June End/ July till Aug month – Its total monsoon season for all Indian destinations. Still, if clients take Srinagar – Katra/ Jammu – Srinagar by road travel and they get stuck in between on the highway due to terrorism, civil unrest, rioting, war, natural disaster, typhoons, floods, landslide, political crisis, curfew – It will be entirely client risk. Their further bookings for Hotels, transport & helicopter tickets will be considered as “NO-Show” without any refund.
  8. In our Group Departure Packages, Please Note:the vehicle will be on sharing basis with other group members and all guests have to wait for other clients until they arrived. Rates are valid for min. 02 - 03 people sharing a room. For Min. 06 - 07 People Non A/C Tavera Car will be provided. For 08 – 13 people Non A/C Tata Winger vehicle will be provided. Every guest has to wait for another guest at Srinagar airport, Neelgarth / Panchtarani Helipad and all the further transfers –The estimated timing of assembling at Srinagar airport aprox 04 - 05 PM. On day of Amarnath Yatra by helicopter {02nd Day}, passengers/s reaching late or get/s stuck at Panchtarani due to any reason, have to manage his/her/their Neelgarth – Srinagar transfers by his/her/their own cost. 03rd Day our vehicle will drop you all at Srinagar. Our group departure vehicle will only be available for all members till 06:00 PM in the evening {03rd Day} only {No Matter Whatever The condition Are}. So please be double sure before making your group departure package. In case of any problem {i.e. waiting at Airport / Neelgarth Helipad}. We are not recommending you Group departure Packages still if a guest is taking this package so we will not be responsible and any kind of complaints regarding that will not be entertained. If any kind of abusive language, on the phone or on our Representative at Srinagar Airport, by the clients, then the company may also require legal action against all of them
  9. If during your travel you will face any kind of problem regarding your Hotels & transport, you all are highly requested to contact to your tour executive same time so that he/she can resolve the problem at same movement. After reaching your home if you will complain about anything we won’t be unable to solve the issue. Also do not pay any cash payment to driver / Hotel staff against your pre booked package/ services. If anybody will demand you any cash payment, please inform / complaint the same to your executive same time
  10. The trek to the Panjtarni - Holy Cave and back to Panjtarni takes approx. 4-5 hours – One side by walk and approx 1 -2 hours {one side} by ponies Or Palkies. And the Darshan takes min. 1-2 hours time. Normally the flights stop operating after 5 -5:30 PM {Sub. To the weather conditions}, hence, it is likely that passengers reaching Panjtarni after 01-02 PM may be unable to take the flight back to Neelgrath the same day. Such passengers will need to stay for a night at Panjtarni / Holy cave {at Tent} at their own cost and they will be picked up from Panjtarni the next day on a first come first serve basis by the same helicopter service. For this reason, their second-night stay (if its already booked at Sonmarg / Srinagar) will be a No-Show / Under retention without any refund.
  11. It is estimated that per Adult passenger weight is 75 -80 KG approx (as per the aviation policy). In case of overweight of the passenger, because of the weight limitations of the helicopter, Heli services has the discretion to refuse or make the alteration into the booking /fare and charge an additional amount for the excess weight as per Industry practice. A maximum of 5 kg of hand baggage per Adult is permitted only. Excess baggage is not permitted.
  12. Yatries who wants to do Pahalgam Tour: Due to the restrictions imposed by the Army / security agency for the last few years for Yatrie’s safety precautions, it is prohibited to go from Pahalgam to Srinagar in the evening timing. You all are highly requested to do not take same day return tour from Srinagar. If you want to include Pahalgam destination in your package, you should take overnight stay at Pahalgam instead of same day return tour.
  13. Yatries who wants to do Gulmarg Tour: Please book your gondola cable car tickets online before your travel date through Gandola Cable Car Tickets official website :
  14. Please visit our official website for our all category Yatra Package. You can check the hotel's category and according to your preference, you can book your desired package.
  15. For all the detailed information regarding Shri Amarnath Ji Yatra please visit the official website of Shri Amarnath JI Shrine

By accessing, using, browsing or booking through our Web Site(s) or Directly or Indirectly through Yatharth Travels or its representative(s), you agree that you have read, understood and agree to be bound by these terms and conditions & cancellation policy and you agree to comply with all applicable laws, rules and regulations. By accepting our booking terms & conditions, the user is also agreeing to the terms & conditions of the Hotels, aviation services, Airlines, and other associate service providers and vendors.

For Helicopter Tickets reservations we need the following correct guest details:


Identity No. : We would require aadhar card & CHC form scan copy for the Helicopter booking.

    About Hotel / Houseboat:

  1. Before doing the bookings kindly check all hotel/s websites, reviews & other services on the internet / Google. Destination wise hotel names have been provided. If the given hotels are not found suitable, please ask for the upgraded hotel options.
  2. We have calculated the basic Non A/C Room category of hotels in our proposal. If a basic room will not be available at the time of booking or if you required higher category rooms then supplement cost will be applicable accordingly.
  3. Check-in Time is 14:00 hrs. / Check-out time is 11:00 hrs.
  4. A valid photo ID proof & Hotel Vouchers for all guests staying at the hotel is mandatory.
  5. For Extra adults {Above 12 Yrs. Child} in the room, we will provide an extra bed (wherever possible), but most of the hotels only provide extra mattresses or roll-out beds. Most of the hotels have no provision of an extra bed.
  6. In Hill areas (almost all) the hotels do not have a lift facility and in all the hotels the guest will have to climb stairs. In case if any guest is having a problem with blood pressure, knee or other ailments for which they cannot climb the higher floors they will have to intimate us during the time of booking so that we can arrange rooms at the lowest floor of the hotel enabling the guest to climb the minimum number of stairs possible.
  7. In Kashmir - Srinagar, Sonamarg, Gulmarg, Pahalgam is hill stations so, in the area, maximum hotels are not having any kind of A/C facilities in the rooms. Non A/C Rooms are only available in these Destinations. Only a few newly build hotels are having A/C rooms in Srinagar. We have categorized the packages with Ac Hotels & Non Ac Hotel, please refer the above package cost sheet.
  8. In Ac Hotels, mainly few hotels are providing Ac facilities in room only open from 7-8 PM till 6-7 AM Only. But some hotels are providing Ac services in day timing also.
  9. Check Inn will be on a first come first serve basis at the time of arrivals.
  10. For Houseboat Check Inn: Shikara Boats are only available from 08:30 to 09 P.M. in the late evening for crossing. In one Shikara boat, only 04 adults are only allowed. Shikara Ride will be for just 01 hours on dal Lake, Srinagar.
  11. Most of the Dlx. Houseboats are having min. 03 - 04 bedrooms (Non AC). The living area, lobby and dining area will be on sharing basis with other houseboat guests. Rooms will be separate with privacy. Rooms are attached to the washroom with the provision of hot and cold running water.

About Transport –

  1. Our driver/executive will be there at Srinagar airport with the PLACARD {with your name} at Exit Gate on the Airport.
  2. We have calculated the basic vehicle {Non A/C Tata Indica / Desire Car (2-3 Pax)/ Non A/c Tavera Car (6-7 Pax)/ Non A/c Tata Winger (8 – 13 Pax)} in our proposal, if you want to upgrade your vehicle into other types of vehicle {Innova Car / Tempo Traveler} Or if you require A/C version in the vehicle then please ask the same with our executive at the time of booking. Accordingly, we will provide our proposal. During the travel, any kind of changes in the vehicle will not consider.
  3. The guest should always be polite with the driver/s as they are not tourism educated and come from variant backgrounds /remote villages.
  4. As there is a shortage of space for car parking in the entire Kashmir region – guests will have to wait at the Lobby in time for the vehicle to start their sightseeing/transfers.
  5. We would appreciate if the guest does not lend their ears to the drivers as there may be instances of misinformation/misguidance. In case of such observation, passenger/s is/are requested to contact our executive.
  6. Passenger/s is/are requested not to leave his/her/their belongings in the vehicle.. Always check s baggage before leaving the vehicle. Yatharth Travels is not responsible for any theft/missing of luggage
  7. Please maintain the punctuality of time for the sightseeing/transfers as per the advice of our executive. Mainly in Kashmir, vehicles will not be allowed to park at the hotel.
  8. Only 06 -07 heads are allowed in 1 Innova / Tavera / Sumo Car including a child and 08 – 13 heads are allowed in Tata Winger. In case the number of travellers is increasing then the guest will have to opt for the additional vehicle with an extra cost which is directly payable by the guest on spot.
  9. If you do not want your vehicle on a sharing basis with other group members then please refer to our separate package instead of the group departure.

Please Note:- Any dispute relating to or arising out of all or any one of the above-stated terms and conditions shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of Courts at New Delhi, India

*Kindly read all above T&C, cancellation policy and All remarks carefully before making your bookings. Once you made your booking, you are bound to accept these Terms and Conditions.

We look forward to having your holiday with us. For any clarification please get in touch with us.

Thanking you and assuring you the best of services at all times.

Looking forward to serving you better


7 A, First Floor, Sant Nagar,
Behind Karur Vysya Bank, East Of Kailash, New Delhi – 110065
IVR No: 9555-466-466 (24X7)

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